Now the Pampered part of this Paleo

The "pampered" part of this blog doesn't come from me being fancy or spoiled or anything like that--trust me, I'm not eating my eggs with spinach and sugar-free pasta sauce breakfast with my feet on a pillow and someone fanning me with a palm frond. Though, come to think of it, that doesn't sound too bad at all :) No, it actually refers to my Pampered Chef business and how that ties in so closely to my healthy eating habits (and admittedly some of my not-so-healthy guilty pleasures!) I became a Pampered Chef Independent Consultant in February. Let me tell you my Pampered Chef Story:

After moving back home and finally accepting the fact that I was basically an unemployed bum, I started thinking of ways that I could make money. I was looking for a real job, and eventually found  part time job that I am very happy with as Youth Coordinator for a Drug Free Communities grant that I started in January. I really wanted an additional source of income though. I started substitute teaching, and that was great, but not a very reliable source still because I never knew when they would call or how many times a week. So I kept looking.

In the back of my mind, I had this reoccurring thought. I loved cooking and I especially loved cooking with Pampered Chef products. They were just better than what you could get elsewhere- plus more fun and pretty, which of course matters when it comes to making dinner ;) There were multiple instances where I almost sent a Facebook message to one of my friends who is a consultant and asked her about it- I got so far as opening a new message and almost sending it a couple of times. I didn't though- I think I was kind of scared, kind of nervous, kind of unsure. So I did what I (incorrectly) do in those situations: Nothing.

Then, one day out of the blue I saw that I had received a message from the friend who sold Pampered Chef. I opened it up and she had asked me if I would be interested in becoming a consultant! I strongly believe that God puts things and people in your life for a reason, and I feel 100% that this was him telling me not to be afraid and put it off anymore, that this was something I was supposed to do. I jumped in head first and I have loved every second of it since then!

One think I have continuously heard Pampered Chef ladies say is that this business has been and continues to be such a blessing to their families, and I am no exception. I don't have a family of my own yet, but hopefully soon (;) ) and I wanted to be able to contribute as much as I can to my future household. My goal that I set in the beginning of my business is to make enough in commission and sales to make an extra car payment each month, and I have met that goal every month thus far. Plus, I have earned a ton of free and discounted products, met so many fabulous ladies, and had such a fun time with hosts at cooking shows. It truly is a blessing to me, one I know without a doubt that God put into my life at the perfect time.

So throughout this blog, I plan to feature paleo/Whole30 recipes that are made using Pampered Chef products. If you are interested in purchasing any of these products for yourself, I'll include links to them on the Pampered Chef website on each recipe. You can also browse and order products directly from my website at If you see a ton of products that you must have (and I dare you not to!) then consider hosting a show! You can do a catalog order or a cooking show at your home, and you can get free and discounted products just for having me over to cook for your friends and family. Or, if you are looking for extra income on your own schedule and an opportunity to meet new people all while having a great time, ask me how you can become a consultant! It really was one of the best decisions I've made, and it just might be for you, too! 


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