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The Story of Rhett William Smith

Stories of another mama bringing her baby into the world today has me feeling quite reminiscent about my own little love's arrival. I'm so thankful I had the brain power to write down Rhett's birth story soon after we came home from the hospital, while all the little details were fresh in my mind. During naps I scribbled down page after page of everything I could remember about his journey into the world, even though I could only write in short spurts because the tips of my fingers were numb- a side effect of the residual swelling that had really only started in the last few days of my pregnancy.

Most of the details I still remember, but reading those words that I wrote just two short months ago makes me feel like I'm reading a fairy tale. In a way, I guess it is my own little fairy tale about a little prince that came into my life and changed everything, especially my heart, in ways I never could have ever predicted. Being his mama is the absolute greatest thing tha…

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