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Meatloaf Burgers

I LOVE my mama's meatloaf. It's one of our family's favorite meals, heck, it's even one Daniel & I regularly request as our special birthday dinners. I think I like it because of its simplicity- there's nothing weird in there that doesn't belong. Just beef, onions, a little egg and bread for binder, tomato juice to give it some flavor, and that's enough. No peppers. No bacon. Most definitely no brown sugar/mustard crust. All it needs is a drizzle of ketchup on top and it is heavenly (and even better the next day, if there happen to be any leftovers after we get done chowing down).

Since I'm Whole90ing, I had to modify the recipe a little, but I was so happy to find that the paleo version was almost as good as the real thing! And because I have zero patience I decided to form the meat into patties and fry them up as burgers instead of waiting for the whole thing to cook up in loaf form. Time is precious these days so I have to make the most of ever…

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